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4 Factors That Indicate It’s Time for Residential Mold Testing Fairfax VA

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Mold can develop in homes before anyone realizes what’s happening. Given what mold can do to your health as well as to the home itself, isolating and getting rid of the mold is important. How do you know that it’s time to arrange for residential mold testing Fairfax VA and find out if there’s a problem? If any of the following applies in your case, now is the time to take action.

Recent Storm Damage

Bad weather can be the ideal setup for mold to develop. A storm that led to moisture getting into the attic provides the perfect environment for mold to appear and to flourish. The same is true with moisture that seeps into the basement; the mold can develop and begin to spread spores throughout the house faster than most people realize.

If there are any signs of moisture seeping into any area of the home, make whatever repairs are needed to seal those spaces. Once that’s done, have an expert check for any signs of mold. Even if only a little is found, remediation needs to begin as soon as possible.

A Musty Smell That Never Goes Away

There’s an odor in the home that seems to resist all efforts to get rid of it. Steam cleaning the carpeting helps for a short time, as does vacuuming, dusting, washing the windows, and doing everything else that one can imagine. For a short time, the odor does seem to be gone, but then it’s back with a vengeance.

There’s a good chance that there’s mold in the duct system, around pipes, or possibly tucked away somewhere in the attic. Until the mold is removed, that smell will remain. If you value a home that smells fresh and clean, testing for mold and following up with remediation is the only way to go.

Increases in Headaches and Congestion

Mold can have an adverse effect on your health. One of the first signs that a problem exists is an increase in the frequency and severity of headaches. If you notice that they’re worse at home and seem to ease off when you’re out of the house for a few hours, it’s definitely time to arrange for residential mold testing Fairfax VA.

The same is true if you’re experiencing nasal congestion more often these days. It’s bad at home but seems to get better after you’ve been at work for awhile. Have the home checked and you may find that mold is the reason for your stuffy head.

And You’re Coughing a Lot

Coughing for no apparent reason is another indication that mold is in the home. It’s likely that mold spores are getting into every part of the house by way of the duct system. As air is forced through the system and out of the vents, you’re breathing in spores. The result is sudden bouts of coughing.

Things won’t get better until the mold is gone. Have the home tested, and find out where the mold is found. Once it’s eliminated, you’ll find that those coughing fits become a thing of the past.

Never assume that mold is not a big deal. Should you notice anything that seems to indicate mold exposure, have the home tested at once. When you see how much better things get, there will be no doubt that the testing and the subsequent remediation were worth it.

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