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Dump Truck: Construction’s Heavy Weight Work Horse

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Dump trucks are heavy duty vehicles used for transportation of heavy materials from one construction or mining site to another. They are designed to carry large amounts of loose materials such as sand, dirt rocks and gravel from one site to another.

They are considered as an essential part of transporting bulk materials and are amongst necessary heavy-duty applications that are required at construction and mining sites.

In easy terms, dump truck is heavy duty vehicle that is equipped with an open box bed that can be tilted to offload its contents.

It is used to carry materials from one place to another. For instance, from mining field to processing factory or from construction site to land fill.

Dump Truck Features

Dump trucks come in variable sizes and specifications, each with its unique features. Some of the common features are:

  • Open – box bed: this is the most common type of dump truck. It is typically made of steel and is designed to hold large amounts of loose materials.
  • Multiple axles:  these types of dump trucks had multiple axles to distribute weight evenly.
  • Hydraulic lift system: this dump truck has a specific feature of hydraulic bed which allows it to unload by tilting towards left or right. They are specialized for transporting materials along narrow roads or in areas with limited space.
  • Heavy duty suspension: heavy duty suspension dump trucks are specialized in carrying heavy loads with a smooth ride, without putting extra excursion on the engine.

Types Of Dump Trucks

Some of the most common types of dump trucks are:

  1. Articulated dump truck: ideal for mining and construction work in rough locations, these dump trucks are also known as ADT. Ideal for transportation through routes with rough terrains, they had a specially articulated hinge between cab and the truck bed which allows better maneuverability.
  2. Standard dump truck: one of the most commonly used dump trucks on construction and mining sites, these dump trucks had hydraulic lift system that allows to unload material by tilting backwards.
  3. Side dump truck: these dump trucks are ideal to be used in locations with narrow space. It has a specialized hydraulic bed that allows it to tilt side wards, i.e., towards left or right.
  4. Transfer dump truck: this dump truck had a unique feature of detachable trailer. Hence it can be loaded or unloaded independently.

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