Gareth Pursehouse Linked to the Murder of Amie Harwick

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An American software engineer and photographer, Gareth Pursehouse is 41 years old. He was accused of killing Amie Harwick and was given a life sentence. We will briefly explore the murder of Amie in this post, as well as Gareth’s involvement in the crime.

We’ve also mentioned Gareth’s current location as of 2023. For some basic facts, keep reading this article.

Gareth Pursehouse, who is he?

Gareth Pursehouse was a professional American photographer and software developer who was born in California in 1978. He finished high school in his hometown and went to San Dieguito University for college.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot of information online concerning his early years. He was accused of killing his lover Amie Harwick, a topic we will cover in more detail in this piece.

Amie Harwick: Who was she?

Amie Harwick, a renowned American writer and family therapist, was born on May 20, 1981, in Pennsylvania, the United States. Amie first connected with comedian Drew Carey in 2017 and forged a loving bond with him.

She met Gareth after a while, and the two became engaged in 2018. Unfortunately, they split up after a year as well.

How did Harwick and Gareth meet, when did they first connect, and what happened on February 15, 2020?

They started dating after meeting at a business event, but after some time, Gareth started accusing her of ruining his life, which was upsetting to her.

Amie Harwick was manually strangled on February 15, 2020, by someone who broke into her house before falling from the third floor. She was taken to a hospital in a hurry, but sadly she was declared dead when she arrived.

How did Gareth Purshouse fare? Related to the murder of Amie Harwick?

In February 2020, Amie was brutally murdered in her own house, and her alleged killer was her ex-boyfriend. Gareth was implicated in the murder by the authorities because all the evidence pointed in his direction. Blunt trauma to Amie’s head and chest was the cause of her death.

One of the two restraining orders under which Gareth was accused expired not long after the murder. Gareth was charged with murder and first-degree domestic theft.

Investigators claim that Gareth strangled Amie before throwing her out the balcony of her third-floor Hills residence. Blood stains were also discovered by the detectives in the bedroom, indicating a violent altercation.

She was wearing rosary beads that were strewn over the home early that evening. Later, the detectives discovered a syringe that they tested with nicotine, a deadly poison.

Amie wasn’t into drugs, smoking, or alcohol, so finding a syringe in her home was odd.

Nearly 13 hours after Amie was killed, the investigator went to Gareth’s house and accused him of killing Amie. A syringe identical to the one found in Amie’s house was also discovered by the detective.

Today, where is Gareth Pursehouse?

Gareth was being held at the Los Angeles County Jail for the murder of Amie, but a $2 million bail allowed him to leave. But after a short while, the authorities canceled his bail. Records show that he was taken into custody on Sunday, February 16, at his home in Playa Del Rey.

Gareth remains in the Los Angeles County Jail after being charged of killing Amie.

What was the relationship between Gareth Pursehouse and Amie Harwick like when they were dating?

They both started dating after meeting at a work function, but sadly, things did not work out. Amie allegedly experienced assault and domestic violence in the relationship, according to Amie’s pals.

Even after being assaulted by him, she repeatedly sought restraining orders against him. That makes it evident that their connection was inappropriate for a couple.

How much money is Gareth Pursehouse worth?

His estimated net worth was around $2 million US dollars, according to the reports.

What was the judgment of Gareth Pursehouse?

One of Gareth’s defense attorneys claimed that although though Amie was killed by a fall, if he had intended to kill her, he could have done it with the syringe in a matter of minutes.

However, Judge George Lomeli disregarded Gareth’s decision and is now facing charges for killing Amie.

A conclusion

Everything pertaining to the murder of Amie Harwick and Gareth Pursehouse’s accusation is discussed in this page. In addition, we have indicated Gareth’s location in 2023.

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