Introducing Redfinger Missionary to the Cross Gate: A Look at the New World

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The role of the missionary in Cross Gate: New World is timeless and spans across three systems of exhibition, mage, and priest. Their strength lies in their healing abilities, granting them the power to mend physical harm and provide effective, instantaneous cures. With their assistance, any group can tackle difficult boss battles and mundane quests. In dire situations, the missionary’s healing can completely transform the result of a scenario.

Missionaries have shown themselves to be capable of providing support and displaying admirable resilience. But, when it comes to their offensive capabilities, they may not be as successful as pets. It is essential to remember that a priest’s primary purpose does not rely upon their damage output.

A breakdown of the capabilities of a Missionary is provided here.

The priest has several useful abilities at their disposal. One of their most impressive is Holy Nova, which is their only offensive spell, allowing them to damage multiple enemies simultaneously. Revival is another invaluable skill, enabling them to revive fallen comrades. Three distinct levels of healing magic are available to meet different healing needs. Healing Magic is used to heal individual targets, Powerful Healing Magic is used to heal a specific target and any nearby allies, and Super Healing Magic is the strongest, providing full healing to the entire party.

The missionary is a healer of extraordinary power, for they display qualities akin to that of old-time healers. Their skillset is not limited to healing a single ally but rather extends to restoring the wellbeing of the whole team. Furthermore, they possess the ability to bring comrades back from the brink of death, displaying their capability as a committed healer. Besides their incredible healing capabilities, the missionary also possesses a damaging ability of area of effect, the only offensive ability within their craft.

The merits of Missionary work can be seen in the Talent Points it produces.

The core abilities of the Holy talent set involve Redemption, Mercy, Coexistence, All Things and Guardianship, which are categorized as “able to cause damage and heal.” By investing 10 skill points, the Holy Nova ability can be advanced to not only harm enemies, but also help to restore the health of the entire team. Furthermore, by allocating 20 skill points, the talent Holy Light Illumination grants immunity from death to teammates for two rounds. This combination of talents allows the missionary to efficiently cause harm and provide healing. It is recommended to give priority to the skill Holy Nova and combine it with single-target healing magic, to make sure the team is safe from enemies. This versatile talent set is very helpful in both PvP and PvE scenarios, so it is beneficial to maximize the potential of healing magic.

Revive: The abilities that are vital for the missionary class include Revive, Soul Rebirth, Ice Seal, Unparalleled, Blood Sacrifice, and Rebirth. These talents offer a great boost to damage output while also ensuring effective early healing, making them important tools from the beginning of fights. By investing 20 talent points, the missionary is given access to the Group Revival skill, which allows them to revive chosen targets and the people nearby. Additionally, committing 30 skill points to Sacrifice significantly enhances the healer’s chances of surviving in combat. This talent set stresses focusing on healing, so it is recommended to work on perfecting Super Healing Magic and Revival abilities.

The skill that is most essential for progressing is “Rebirth,” which allows the missionary to come back to life with full health after dying. For this ability to be utilised to its maximum potential, the missionary must possess remarkable speed and powerful defense to bring back their companions who have been defeated. In PvP battles with advanced levels, a rapid missionary can take advantage of chances to revive their allies and keep up the attack. This technique is particularly potent when implemented in teams that are well-organised.

In Summary

The term “Holy” in Cross Gate: New World is associated with healing, while “Revive” means resurrection. It is preferable to focus on healing as a way to protect your team, since it is rare to find missionaries who can remain alive after their companions perish. Therefore, keeping your teammates from harm should be foremost in your strategy. However, if you have a set group with extra resources, you may want to look into the Revive option. If you have a living missionary, you may have a chance to turn the tide of the battle. It is suggested to gain proficiency with the missionary class as soon as possible, which can be done by downloading the Redfinger Android emulator from

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