Most Popular Hairstyles for Lehenga

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Most Popular Hairstyles for Lehenga:

The lehenga is unquestionably the most theatrical wedding attire of all. A gorgeous lehenga-choli is simple for anyone to wear, allows for lots of movement, and offers a variety of dupatta options to keep things fresh. But a breathtaking lehenga demands an equally lovely hairstyle, just in case all that gorgeous beading and embroidery washes away your sense of style. A bridal hairdo that flawlessly matches every detail of a lehenga would be the finest choice.

sporting a unique back design? Consider an updo! Do you want to flaunt your off-shoulder choli? There are no rules when it comes to creativity, so add some gentle swirls to your hair that will fall down the sides of your face. Here are some gorgeous ideas for Indian bridal hairstyles for lehenga to get you started if you are having trouble coming up with a hairstyle for yourself.

Simple Lehenga hairstyles:

Glossy waves with embellishments

For a sangeet, a lehenga is the ideal occasion to let your hair down. Aim for thick, glossy waves that you may accessorize with just as dazzling items. To balance the body you generate with the wavy texture, add a slight pouffe to your crown. To further soften your face and hairstyle, let out some face-framing tendrils in the front.

Scattered to the side:

When wearing ethnic clothing, medium-length hair might be difficult to arrange, especially if you are wearing it down naturally without extensions. Sweeping all of your medium-length hair to one side with a pretty deep side part is one of the greatest ways to wear it with a lehenga. After preparing your hair, sweep it all over the shoulder that is opposite the dupatta and finish the appearance with a maang tikka.

Bun with Rose Texture:

Because they last longer and contribute to a statement-making appearance that wouldn’t be achievable with more delicate flowers, roses are popular. For your special day, a textured bun with a rose arrangement is such a gorgeous look. We also adore the braided accent in this hairstyle.

Equal parts up and down:

As a fantastic way to wear your hair down without ruining it up after a few hours, half-up, half-down hairstyles are particularly popular with lehengas. We adore this look, which features a Dutch braid at the top and unstructured swirls at the bottom. This hairstyle is fantastic for adding playful accents to straight, fine hair and will undoubtedly earn you many comments on your wedding day!

Fishtail braid undone:

Another popular hairstyle for brides is the fishtail braid because it is elegant and flattering to most hair types. For naturally thick and voluminous hair that struggles to stay out in braids, try this undone and gentler variation of the side fishtail braid. The flower jewelry and stylish maang tikka perfectly offset the dramatic hairstyle.

Lehenga hairstyles with buns:

Untidy Bun:

There is a reason why this bun hairstyle for lehengas is special. Whether it’s a haldi party or a wedding event, this hairdo is stylish, fashionable, and alluring. It goes with every type of wedding function attire. This messy bun is perfect for you if you enjoy buns but do not want one that is exceptionally neat. With a lehenga, it looks quite elegant, and you may enhance it even further with extravagant hair accessories. For all the bridesmaids out there, bookmark this page! P.S. Curly girls need to try this gorgeous hairstyle!

Low Sleek Bun:

This bun hairstyle for lehengas is for those occasions when you want to opt for a neater and more put-together look, in stark contrast to the messy bun. The elegance and modernity of this haircut elevate your complete appearance to a whole new level of greatness. Keep a hair gel on hand if you’re dying to try this haircut so that you can prevent frizz and flyaways. Statement jewelry will enhance the appearance.

Uneven Bun:

This bun hairstyle for lehengas would be intriguing for you if you’re the bridesmaid who plans to wear a wacky, fun lehenga to her bestie’s wedding! This hairdo is beautiful but uncomplicated, with no frills. To make the look more balanced, try it with a vibrant lehenga. Even if your lehenga is neutral in color, you can still try this bun to complete your ensemble. Simply add a few hair accents to finish the appearance. Use hairspray to set your hairstyle properly after you’ve finished styling it.

Bun in a chignon

Another elegant bun hairstyle for lehengas that flatters every woman and every type of garment is this one. This hairstyle’s moniker, “chignon du cou,” is derived from French. If your hair is short and thin, try this stylish bun with a hair doughnut, which is simple to learn and ideal for almost any occasion. Your chignon will look gorgeous with your lehenga if you add flowers or pearls to it to spice it up.

Low Bun:

Here is a traditional bun hairstyle for lehengas that is adored for its understated beauty. Every age group, from 25 to 40, can rock this bun hairdo! This hairstyle can be made taller by adding additional volume in the front in addition to the high bun. You can’t easily accomplish this hairdo on your own, though. For this one, you’ll need to go to a salon.

Lehenga hairstyles for Judas:

Juda with braided flowers:

With Indian cultural clothing, a basic low Juda bun with a braided crown looks stunning. You can never go wrong with a hairdo that is fully wedding ready if you add some pink carnations and baby’s breath to the mix.

Complete gajra bun:

Indian women, particularly those in South India, love to sport jasmine blossom hairstyles. Large, full gajra buns like this one have a very traditional appearance and seem ethereal. For a more glam impression, you can try this type of haircut with puffy hair in the front. Make sure to choose this hairstyle for formal occasions because it is really striking. If you want to exude an old-fashioned, traditional charm, you can even choose this style for your wedding.

Juda hairstyle with hair fanned out in the modern era

This side bun hairstyle has a highly contemporary appeal and is best suited for the younger generation. It has a somewhat disheveled appearance with hair fanned out on both sides. Your hair must be side parted, flicked out, and pulled into a side bun. This particular Juda hairdo will be more intriguing with the addition of floral clips. This type of hairdo is ideal for wedding-related events like the reception, cocktail hour, or sangeet ceremony.

Mogra bun with a single string:

This doughnut bun is elegant and refined, with a single string mogra expertly wrapped around it for a glam party look. With any type of saree, including designer sarees, chiffon sarees, pattu sarees, or cotton sarees, this kind of impeccable and tidy Juda hairdo looks great at social gatherings.

braided high bun with jasmine strings

Try knotting your bun a little bit higher than shown in the Juda hairstyle image above for a sleek, fuss-free look that’s perfect for summer. In order to traditionalize it and make it simpler to pair with sarees, add jasmine flowers and an Indian hair ornament like a mang tika or jhoomar.

Indian Lehenga Wedding Hairstyle:

With loose side braid and floral accents

A simple yet elegant hairdo for lehenga is this lovely loose side braid with flower accents! Wear it to a pre-wedding event that takes place during the day, like a mehndi or haldi.

Lehenga Wedding Hairstyle With Loose Beachy Waves:

Nothing screams elegance like soft baby breath and flowing beach waves! If you want to look stunning at a midday spring wedding while wearing a pastel lehenga, try this haircut.

curly side braided hairdo for an Indian wedding with a floral headpiece:

Have an obsession with floral headpieces? Me too! If you want to wear a tiara with your lehenga, this voluminous side braid is ideal.

Middle-parted puff and loose, blow-dried tresses in a lehenga hairstyle

Want your big day to be simple and unpretentious? You’ve found the ideal bridal hairdo for a lehenga with its middle-parted puff and loose blow-dried strands.

Medium-length haircut with a half-up, half-down bob:

Are you a bridesmaid seeking for an easy lehenga hairstyle? Immediately save this half-up, half-down hairstyle!

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