Must-Try Chicago Foods (Besides Pizza)

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Chicago Illinois is a very common city for travelers and residents as well. Chicago was the third largest city in the United States however it is a lot smaller and square mileage than New York Los Angeles or Houston. While being so popular, the local cuisine has evolved and holds its own.

Hot Dogs for Days

Many people are aware of the Chicago deep-dish pizza. This is a pizza that is famous in Chicago and is a much try for someone who is looking to experience the best deep dishes you’ll ever taste. However, there is much more to the delicious depths of Chicago than just pizza. You may not be aware, but Chicago is also famous for its Chicago-style hotdogs.

A Chicago hotdog comes on A poppyseed bun topped with mustard, relish, white onions, tomato wedges, spicy peppers, a pickle spear, and a shake of celery salt. There are several particular hotdog extraordinaire‘s including Wolfies, Portillos, and Superdawg.

Like many big cities, Chicago has its take on some essential American staples. Besides the hot dog, there are several other foods made differently in Chicago. This includes a jibarito, shaved ice, and corn beef. Sometimes the very best part of traveling to a new city is getting to taste test all the varieties of foods that represent the city.

The Most Raved-About Places

Some of the area’s most notable locations have been in operation and serving up good times and delicious meals for years. And a lot of these locations offer their variation or version of the traditional staples mentioned above. Kansans were opened in 2020 and somehow trudged their way through the trenches during a global pandemic.

Some of the food they serve include a breakfast sandwich with a souffléd egg, homemade sausage, American cheese, and a perfectly crisped hash brown on a potato roll. That sounds like the true breakfast of champions. Fans also rave about their pastries and rice plates. It is one of the few Filipino-derived menus in North America.

Another example of an iconic Chicago food is corn beef. Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen. They have been a Chicago establishment since 1942 and are famous for their corn beef. They offer catering, Family style ordering, and you can even order their corn beef kit or package from their website. They are also pretty famous for their potato pancakes which can be ordered online as well.

To Beef and Beyond

If you’re reading more on Chicago food because you’re looking into Chicago apartments for rent, then you’ll need to understand the love of beef. The city was built on beef and deep-dish pizzas. Italian beef is another large stable in Chicago. There is the famous Johnny’s Beef, Al’s Chicago Italian Beef, and Luke’s Italian Beef.

Italian beef comes in so many varieties at a plethora of locations across Chicago. Many of them with simple names such as these as well. Growing up in Chicago you were never too far from a hotdog or a beef stand. Beef is so popular in Chicago that you can find it on almost every menu in the city. You can get steak sandwiches almost everywhere.

When Chicago was being established by settlers, beef was considered more of a special occasion kind of meat. But manufacturing ramped up and then you were able to have beef anywhere. It became a common order for blue-collar workers to grab for lunch, for moms that meet for breakfast, or for families to grab sandwiches to bring home.

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