Opportunities and Challenges for Delivery Services in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh’s delivery ecosystem is changing broadly, and while most of the changes are positive, there are some challenges, too. The country is overcoming these challenges as a whole. However, they still exist in small areas. In this post, let’s understand the opportunities and challenges the country’s delivery services have.

An Overview of Delivery Services in Bangladesh

We can look at Bangladesh’s delivery services like the Yin and Yang symbol. There have been a huge number of developments and growth, but there have also been some challenges within this fast-growing development. Companies like Porter Bangladesh face challenges, as could the country’s delivery services.

What are the Opportunities for Delivery Services in Bangladesh?

The delivery services of Bangladesh are currently exploring various opportunities, and they are:

a) Grocery Delivery

Gone are the days when people went to markets to buy their daily groceries. The evolution of the smartphone and the growth of the internet have given rise to home grocery deliveries. You can place orders online to purchase groceries, and the delivery is made to your doorstep.

b) Meal Deliveries

Meal deliveries are made to offices, schools, colleges, and more. A catered service isn’t new, but these catering services have paved the way for a new delivery partner. Carrying a bulk order of food from one place to another could be hectic, but today, there are professionals who get this job done seamlessly.

c) Restaurant Deliveries

You must be thinking restaurants have their own delivery people. If it’s an old company like Domino’s that has been making home deliveries ever since the beginning, that is true. This does not apply to all food joints, right? Today, restaurants are collaborating with online applications, enrolling themselves, and having people order through the app, and the app’s delivery system has the food picked up and delivered to the customer. Isn’t this just great? The customer gets to choose from a variety of foods and restaurants, and there is less waiting time since the application allows pick and delivery to the nearest delivery agent.

d) Courier Drivers

Back in the day, we had only one or a maximum of two courier delivery companies. Also, then we had to visit the courier office, fill in forms, pay up, seal the package, and provide it to the company. The company would then take a few days to get this delivery done. This applied even when the deliveries were only a few kilometers away. Modern-day offers more than this. Currently, if your courier needs to be made within city limits, you can book courier services online and have your parcel picked up. You can even have food and flowers couriered.

f) Goods Deliveries

If you own a business, Bangladesh’s current delivery system ensures you do not have to own your own truck or make a contract with a third party to have goods delivered. Instead, you can hire a pick-up rental truck to make your deliveries. This delivery system does not require any form of contract, and all you need to do is choose the kind of vehicle you want and book your slots ahead.

What are the Challenges for Delivery Services in Bangladesh?

As mentioned earlier, there are some possible challenges in the delivery system of Bangladesh, and they are:

a) Infrastructure of the Country

The country’s infrastructure is still developing, and this leads to certain delivery-related struggles. Blocked roads, congestion, and the construction of highways and other systems make delivery services a little slow. Lately, this has been covered by live tracking and GPS systems, but still it can slow down the journey in a minute manner.

b) Supply Chain Difficulties

People and businesses are still adapting to new system changes, such as the Internet and tech advancements. This has brought about minor supply chain difficulties.

c) Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is still a rising issue, especially with the growing vehicular population. Though the delivery systems have live notifications, this could cause some delays in reaching the final destination.

d) Lack of Awareness

A small number of businesses have not adopted new methods infused with tech-savvy advances. Following old ways keeps a small percentage of the delivery services environment a little backwards.


Irrespective of the location you live in, you can find delivery services in a jiffy. For instance, if you live in Dhaka, you can get access to the top delivery services in Dhaka in no time. All this is because of the opportunities out there. There might be certain challenges on the way, but it is only time before they are overtaken by development.

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