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Have you seen the “Baby Hamburger Microwave,” a well-known viral video that is now trending online? If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a pathetic mother who murdered her six-month-old child by placing him in a microwave.

Well, this incident took place in Seattle, Washington. An innocent individual was senselessly killed when a six-month-old baby was dropped into the microwave by his crazy mother.

When Emma, a 28-year-old lady, discovered she was expecting a child, she was ecstatic. She was ecstatic to share her wonderful news with her devoted husband, who had been wishing to meet a new partner ever since they were married.

Baby Hamburger in the Microwave in This Shocking Video

The entire pregnancy had been stunning, the baby shower was perfect, the gender reveal was a complete shock, and the baby boy had been born without a hitch. Every little aspect of the pregnancy brought the couple, their family, and friends great delight. But when the kid was born, everything was turned upside down.

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Emma had a lot of objectives and plans for her child from the moment she found out she was pregnant, just like every other new mother. However, nothing appeared to work out after the baby was delivered since Emma was unable to handle anything that was happening in her environment. All the time, it seemed like a nightmare. The baby’s cries irritated her continuously, and breastfeeding was uncomfortable and upsetting. Everything was going miserably; nothing was going well.

Video of a Baby Hamburger in the Microwave

The adorable six-month-old baby slipped from Emma’s hands as she tried to put it in the microwave on yet another terrible day. As soon as she learned of his passing, she was overtaken with grief, guilt, and shame. She was forced to phone her husband Joe while the baby was still inside. When Joe got home, he discovered his wife sobbing on the floor, and he knew right once that something was wrong with both her and the baby.

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He started checking in all the rooms, but he couldn’t find the baby. He also attempted to question Emma, but got no response. He kept asking, but Emma couldn’t answer because of the lump in her throat. She finally gestured toward the oven with her finger. Joe quickly made his way to the kitchen, opened the oven, and then quickly shut it. The little son had died, and Joe was distraught and unable to do anything but grieve.

Emma faced a great deal of backlash from the child’s relatives, friends, neighbors, and the entire public for taking the life of the innocent, helpless, and uninformed infant. They were all unaware of her extreme mental illness and postpartum depression. Emma, though, is held back while more study is done.

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