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Recently, a viral video from Shyamnagar, West Bengal, starring Barbie Pooja Roy has been making the rounds online and piqueing people’s interest.

This horrifying viral film is distributed on a variety of well-known websites, including Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit. Between all of this, everyone wants to see the popular Shyamnagar video with Barbie Pooja Roy, who is currently associated with the explosive MMS case. Do you want to learn more about her, then? Say no more because the video has a lot of attention and plenty of people are hunting for connections to it online.

Who is Barbie Pooja Roy from the popular Shyamnagar video?

Despite some sites removing the video, a lot of people have still watched and stored it. Barbie Pooja Roy, a model who was born in West Bengal and currently resides in Bukit Panjang, Singapore, is a character in this film. Even though the video has been taken down from several sites, it has still gained a lot of views, and many people are curious to know who Barbie Pooja Roy is.

She studies at Rome’s Sapienza College. Additionally, she had previously attended Barrackpore, West Bengal’s Rashtraguru Surendranath School. She moved to Singapore as a result of her desire to pursue her ambition of being a fashion model. Even though there is little information available about what is in the movie, it has become a major thing on social media.

Barbie Roy Pooja Height and Age

She will be two years old and five feet two inches tall in 2023.

What dispute surrounds the Shyamnagar video leak?

Barbie Pooja Roy was recently featured in a post on Facebook by an unidentified West Bengali user who claimed to have the Shyamnagar viral video in their mailbox. Additionally, they threatened to prohibit anyone found posting the video clip to Facebook.

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The video has gained enormous popularity, and many people are interested in finding out what it is about. Many have questioned how and why it was created as well as why it has spread so swiftly among so many individuals. Barbie Pooja Roy is lovely and beautiful, and she also has a lot of personality. This is the reason that her video is viewed by millions of people, and as a result, it has gained a lot of popularity.

Millions of online users are searching for the Shyamnagar Viral Video’s link and trying to figure out what it’s about. Barbie Pooja Roy’s ascent to fame is an illustration of how quickly social media sites and the internet can disseminate information, despite the fact that we don’t know who filmed the video or why it was so popular.

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