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Although ancient Hindi and Roman women considered oil to be an essential component of any proper skin care regimen, most modern women would probably shudder at the prospect of sprinkling oil on their skin. No wonder, considering that advertisers have spent millions spreading the idea that skin should be absolutely oil-free. Indeed, most modern beauty products aim to remove grease from the skin – the idea being that once the oil is gone, a moisturizer can be applied to give the skin a healthy glow. However, this approach fails to acknowledge the central importance of oil in skin health.

The sad truth is that many modern skincare solutions actually create irritated, oily skin. By completely removing all sebum, many contemporary beauty products send the sebaceous glands into overproduction. When they sense that there is no oil present in the skin, the sebaceous glands get activated. Failing to appreciate this, many women only apply more skin care products when they notice problems – again stressing the sebaceous glands, and triggering a vicious cycle.

Contrast this with the application of oil as a supplement to the body’s natural skin care approach. Regular use of a product like Rodin Body Emollient can help the sebaceous glands settle into a regular rhythm of sebum production. As a result, all skin types benefit from these types of skincare products.

When looking for skin-friendly emollients, don’t forget about jojoba oil. This naturally produced oil most closely resembles the sebum that is naturally produced by the skin. As such, jojoba oil is an extraordinary tool in regulating oil production. Plus, because jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, it won’t clog pores. No wonder beauty expert Linda Rodin included jojoba oil in her Rodin Olio Lusso Body Oil. Rodin Body Oil also contains jasmine essential oil for its delectable scent.

There are other major advantages of oil based skin care products. First, they’re safe for use on conditions like eczema and menopausal dryness. Second, an oil-based moisturizer will last all day, whereas lotions often evaporate within an hour or two of application. Rodin Olio Lusso and other emollient-based products keep skin fresh and moisturized throughout the day.

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