What tricks you should optimize to win the best Seller badge on Amazon

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Are you one of the users trying to get the best Seller Badge on Amazon, then? Don’t worry; I have good news for you. If you are a seller or an entrepreneur, you will surely know that Amazon is the biggest marketplace on the internet. You can follow some strategies to make your Amazon product look good and be noticed.

Amazon has recently added the Best Seller badge to its pages, and now the question is, how do we get that. There is no specific metric for it. It is a combination of several factors, and we cannot ignore any of them. So, I will tell you about some of the most effective ways you can follow to make your products look more attractive and sell better.

Product photos

This is probably the essential part of the product as it is where the buyers first make up their mind whether to buy it. Your product photo should reflect what is inside the package. Your product should not show any damage or stains and should look like it came straight from the warehouse. Your product should also look as if you have used it many times.

To make your product photos appear more attractive, use the Amazon Lens. You should take a picture of the front, back and both sides. Your product should be in the middle of your image. Make sure that it is in the same place every time you take it. Use white light on a bright background to get better quality.

Product description

Your product description should be well written, descriptive and have plenty of information about the product. Your report should be specific about what is inside the package. So, write only about what you are selling and how can the buyer benefit by buying it.

Use bullets when writing. Use bullet points wherever possible to make the text easy to read and understand. Learn what to do during starting an amazon business.

Add some testimonials

The number of positive reviews you have in your product listing will be one of the primary reasons for making your product stand out. You can’t afford to have just 1 or 2 or even 10 or 20 negative or neutral reviews against you as a seller. You need at least 50 or more positive ones. It will give you an extra boost to win the badge.

Use the right keywords.

To get a higher rank, you need to optimize your product and listing. One of the easiest ways to optimize your listing is to use the correct keywords. You need to include keywords related to your product and related to your customer’s problem. When you select the right keywords, it will make your product more visible in the search results.

Offer a limited time offer.

This tip is more effective for a new seller. If you don’t have any reviews yet, you can take a few steps to increase your reviews and sales. First, add some limited-time offers for your product. Like, if you are selling hair care products, try to give 30% off your product for 90 days. This will help you increase your reviews, but you need to watch this because it may increase your competition and affect your thoughts. But as a first step, you can see the positive results of offering such offers.


If you desire to make your products look more attractive, follow these tips and be ready to see the difference. Now let’s see other ways to make your products look better and sell better.

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